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Maximize the value of your applications and your IT staff

Easily Manage, Enhance and Evolve your IBM i Applications

A complete understanding of your IBM i applications gives you the ability to share critical information, helps your IT staff be more productive, and makes it easier to onboard new employees. Automated impact analysis is proven to reduce risk and maintenance costs. Online application documentation also helps improve productivity and reduces the risk of developers retiring and taking their valuable knowledge with them.

Automated Analysis & Productivity Solutions Help You:

Easily onboard new employees

Ramp up new developers quickly and allows them to contribute faster and work autonomously.

Move projects forward faster

Reduce risks and get projects out the door faster with automated impact analysis.

Make code changes with confidence

Provides a deep understanding of the impact across all your applications.

Fiserv improves code quality and delivers
projects faster with X‑Analysis

Fiserv keeps its documentation in step with changes to its software, increasing the quality and timeliness in development and support.

Tools to Help IBM i Clients Do Things Better, Smarter & Faster

Application Documentation

Our application documentation solutions help you document, analyze, and describe systems in an easy-to-understand manner. They can then be shared throughout the organization, even with members who do not understand RPG, COBOL, or any programming language at all.
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Impact and Data Quality Analysis

Perform detailed impact analysis in just a few seconds. Analyze your application dependencies at both an object and a variable level. Obtain detailed metrics analysis of all code and databases running on your IBM i to get an idea of the complexity and quality so you can fully manage your application environment. For more information, please view the datasheet.

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Business Rules Analysis

Automatically document and understand the rules that run your business. Our solutions allow you to create a structured repository of business rules written in easy-to-understand pseudo code. This makes modernization, maintenance, auditing and rewriting / re-engineering easier. For more information, please view the datasheet.
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Field Expansion
& Resizing

Automatically resize database fields, including fields in affected programs while greatly reducing the risks that come with manual resizing efforts. Gain access to detailed, customizable reports that analyze and document the impact of any resizing effort on your IBM i.
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Test Automation &
Data (IBM i & z/OS)

Our testing tools for IBM i and z/OS give you complete independence to carry out advanced testing operations. Take advantage of them to configure and automate test cases with all of the necessary functionality for test environments, masking, aging and more.
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Training, Planning &
Development Services

Not enough time, resources or skills to do what you need? We provide training, jumpstart projects or do the whole thing for you. As little or as much help as you need to meet your IT goals.
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