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Your IBM i applications are key to your organization, containing all of your business rules and data. Modernizing them is a cost-effective, low-risk way to leverage your investment in IT while taking advantage of the modern technologies that enable your business to grow in this digital era.

Modernization is deeply personalized to the business because every client has different needs, resources, budget concerns and time constraints. That’s why Fresche provides flexible solutions and smart tools to help you achieve your IT goals and recognize real business value along the way.

Fresche helps you modernize your IBM i applications and data with end-to-end solutions that help you better maintain, enhance and transform your RPG, CA-2E (Synon) and COBOL applications and meet evolving business needs. Whatever your goal is, we’ll get you there with as little or as much help as you need.

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Solutions that Drive Real Business Value

Attract New Talent

Future-proof IT and draw top talent with open technologies

Improve Productivity

Reduce onboarding time and boost productivity with modern developer tools

Business Growth

Grow your business and extend your ERP with strategic web and mobile applications

Real-Time Access

Provide access to real-time information with integrated solutions and web access

Improve User Experience

Future-proof IT and draw top talent with open technologies

Streamline Business Processes

Reduce onboarding time and boost productivity with modern developer tools

Better Agility

Grow your business and extend your ERP with strategic web and mobile applications

Make the Most of Your RPG, Synon and COBOL Applications

Leverage the Value in your Systems and Take Advantage of Modern Technologies

Security & Compliance for IBM i

- Ransomware Protection
- Exit Point Security
- Compliance & Auditing
- Data Encryption
- Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

- Application Testing Environments
- OS Upgrades
- Implement Development Systems
- HA/DR and Backup/Archive
- Move entire system to the cloud

Business-Led It Strategy

- Strategy & Planning
- Modernization Roadmap
- IT health-check
- IBM i App. & System Analysis

Application and Database Modernization

- RPG & Synon transformation to modern languages
- Database modernization
- Database re-architecting

Staffing & Application Support Services

- Skilled IBM i experts
- Application maintenance & development
- Web & mobile development
- Flexible models & modernization

Analysis & Productivity Tools

- Application documentation
- Impact analysis
- Business rules Analysis
- Field expansion & Resizing
- Test Automation & Data

GUI, Web, Mobile & APIs

- Green screen modernization
- Web & mobile development
- Open source development
- Portals, E-Commerce
- RESTful APIs, Web Services and Integration

Reporting and Document Distribution

- Web reports & dashboards
- Spool file modernization
- Automated document distribution
- Data mining
- Avaya call center reporting

CA 2E (Synon) Solutions

- Improve Agility
- Reduce Costs
- Address Skill Shortages
- Modern UI and Innovation

IBM i Digital Transformation

- Modern languages
- Open technologies
- Competitive advantage
- Quick ability to innovate

Fresche Vision – Executive Summary

Legacy systems pave the way for solid IT innovation and agile systems.

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In a world where digital transformation projects often take twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated, IBM i shops need smart modernization at a smart cost.

Our “Smart Modernization” Approach

Customized. Phased. Proven.

Functional experts and strategists from Fresche work with you to develop and execute an IBM i management and modernization strategy that aligns with your business, financial and technical goals. We’ll help you establish a direction that will enable you to adopt modern processes, practices and technology, as well as new ways of managing IT and doing business. Flexible financial models that support the perfect blend of CapEx/OpEx are available to support your initiatives and overall business needs.

Define Goals

Align business and IT
We get to know your business needs, goals, and environment. Then, we create a strategy that aligns your IT and company goals.

Key Performance Indicators

Define success
We define goals and metrics so we can measure the business benefits that are achieved at each milestone.


Know where to start
We create a specific modernization roadmap by aligning the requirements with the right solutions.


Carry out the plan
Carry out the modernization plan according to your resources, skills, and experience.


Continuous improvement
Keep assessing, implementing and adopting new processes, procedures, tools, skillsets and capabilities to maximize business benefit.

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