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Rapid PHP and RPG Web Development

IBM i (AS/400) Web & Mobile Application Development

WebSmart is a rapid development tool for creating RPG and PHP desktop & mobile web applications. Responsive templates help you quickly create modern applications and APIs that you can customize for any business need using WebSmart’s powerful IDE.
WebSmart Visual

What You Can Do With WebSmart

Strategic Web Apps

Strategic Web Apps

Templates generate the initial client and server-side code which you can customize to create any type of web application.
Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

Use responsive templates to create web and mobile applications that use a single code base.
Web Services

APIs and Web Services

Use WebSmart’s API templates to quickly and seamlessly integrate your Db2 files and your RPG programs with other web services.
WebSmart works with Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Your Applications – Your Way


The PHP Edition helps you produce open source PHP applications that run on multiple platforms (IBM i, Windows, Linux or Unix).


The ILE edition is the fastest way for IBM i programmers to develop new RPG web applications that leverage existing code.
PHP Edition
ILE Edition

Rapid Open-Source PHP Desktop and Mobile Web Application Development

The PHP edition is the fastest way for RPG, PHP and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP web applications. It's more than a PHP editor: It's a rapid web application development tool that includes program templates that guide you through creating database-driven web applications in minutes.

You can further customize the applications in the IDE to create powerful web applications that can be accessed from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Why Choose the PHP Edition?

Open Source

Uses PHP, a popular and proven open-source language developed specifically to create web applications.

Free Code
There are many websites dedicated to PHP and thousands of free PHP scripts online that you can plug into your own code.
PHP Bundles
BCD's IBM i PHP bundles help IBM i organizations get started with PHP as successfully and as efficiently as possible.
Rapid Development
PHP templates shorten the web development learning curveby generating the starting PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Hiring and Resources

PHP is easy for RPG programmers to learn because you can code procedurally or OO. It's also easy to find PHP developers.

Also runs on other PHP supported platforms, including Windows, Linux and Unix.

The Fastest Way for IBM i Programmers to Develop New RPG Web Applications

Even if you have no web development experience, on day one you'll create database-driven desktop and mobile web applications that you'll want to show your boss. You can customize the applications in the IDE to create powerful web applications for any business need.

Why Choose the ILE Edition?

Powerful PML Language
The functionality in ILE programs is handled by PML, BCD's custom language. This 4GL language generates RPG and will save you time because it requires fewer lines of code.
Leverage RPG
Includes functions that make it easy to call existing RPG programs and modules so you can leverage your investment in IBM i.
Tight IBM i Integration
There is a seamless connection between ILE and DB2 during development and runtime. Our ILE web applications run 100% on the IBM i for maximum security and reliability.
Short Learning Curve
Built with RPG programmers in mind and eases their transition to web development.

How WebSmart Can Help You:

Rapid Development

WebSmart's templates create the starting application and API code base and its IDE includes productivity tools that streamline development.

Leverage RPG and Your IBM i

Built with RPG programmers in mind and makes it easy to integrate existing RPG and COBOL code to leverage your investment in IBM i.

Open Source PHP

Choose between PHP and ILE editions. PHP is a popular open-source language that helps attract new developers.

Strategic Applications

Extend your ERP and develop desktop and mobile web applications for any business need (B2B order entry, eCommerce, invoicing, inquiries and more).

Multi Platform

Provides the flexibility to create IBM i or multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Unix) web applications over DB2, MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL data.

World-Class Technical Support

Our tech support team is consistently rated one of the best. You get unlimited support for the life of your support agreement and during your evaluation.

Key Technical Features

  • Intelligent PHP and RPG ILE templates
  • Responsive templates for desktop and mobile
  • SSL, encryption and data scrubbing
  • Productive IDE with syntax checker, code completion and debugger
  • Built-in change management and third-party integration
  • Tight IBM i integration and wizards to call RPG programs

eBook: IBM i Green Screen Modernization UI

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