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Our Customers Are Different

They NEVER Forget the Value of Their Legacy Applications

Our customers are different. They understand the value of their legacy applications and they have the wisdom to carry as much of that value into the future as possible.

In every organization running older applications there is an IT leader who is worried about the future. There is a business dependency on dated applications, technology and skillsets and these dependencies are presenting very real barriers to future growth.

And, every year, every line of code ever written gets one year older.

Fresche was founded on the principle of helping our customers realize their full business potential by building on the value of the past.

We have learned from experience that to be successful, IT modernization and transformation needs to be built on a foundation of systems, processes and investments that allow for ongoing innovation. Businesses may need to modernize but they also need to keep running. They have customers to serve, revenue to generate and they need a partner who genuinely cares about their future as much as they care about it themselves.

We believe there is a right modernization strategy for every company out there of every size. We know that every company that embraces modernization can experience growth and create a better experience for their customers and employees. And, we acknowledge the incredible value that resides within the business today – often a key differentiator.

That’s why we are committed to preserving that value with every modernization strategy that we create.

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Our Values

The differences that make us special

Responsibility – Own it.

Whether it’s a customer project, meeting, report or SOW, take ownership and meet deadlines.


Be honest and have a strong sense of morality. Always do the “right” thing whether for customers, peers, or yourself.

and Inclusion

Equal opportunities for everyone as new employees or promoting from within.


Customers and Sales make the company work, and we all must focus on customers and support as our highest priorities. 

Respect, Support and Trust – Period.

No tolerance for disrespect or unprofessional behavior, inside and outside of the company. Trust in one another.

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