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Effortless IBM i Document Modernization

Unleash the power of automated IBM i spool file modernization with Formtastic. Our user-friendly document automation solution offers:
  • Custom Document Design: Create tailored forms, checks, and barcode labels effortlessly through our desktop-based interface designer.
  • Spooled Data Extraction: Extract data seamlessly from your IBM i and integrate it into new business forms.
  • Automated Delivery: Whether you need to fax, email, print, or store your newly formatted electronic document within a network, Formtastic takes care of it automatically.
Streamline and modernize your document management today !
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Beyond the Spool File: Modernizing IBM i Documents for Today's Digital Needs

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Transform IBM i Documents Into Modern Magic in Minutes with Formtastic!

Ready to revolutionize your business with IBM i spool file modernization?
Formtastic can unlock a new world of possibilities:

Rapid Branding

Wave goodbye to the era of outdated pre-printed documents. Formtastic empowers you to effortlessly design personalized, well-structured forms, checks, labels, and barcodes that reflect your unique brand.

Enhanced Customer Service

Elevate your customer service game to the next level. Our speedy electronic document delivery in formats like PDF and TIF, combined with improved usability, is the secret sauce for keeping your clients happy.

Effortless Distribution

Say farewell to the days of manual document handling. Formtastic takes the hard work out of distribution, saving you valuable time and effort. We also offer secure, mobile-friendly web access for swift document retrieval.

Cost Cutting

Embrace the digital age and witness your expenses take a nosedive. By making the switch from printed forms to digital documents, you'll enjoy substantial savings on printing, postage, and labor costs.
Ready to take the leap and modernize your document workflow? The future starts now with Formtastic!

eBook: Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your IBM i Forms

Learn how modernizing your IBM i forms can reduce printing costs, improve service and increase efficiency
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Beautiful Out of the Box Templates

What You Can Do with Formtastic

Convert Documents to Custom Forms

Transform traditional pre-printed documents into customized and organized forms.

Spool Data

Extract spool file data from your IBM i and remap it into a newly created digital document.

Beautify Your Applications

Access pre-designed and pre-mapped overlays for major applications that give you immediate results.


Integrates with any untethered signature capture device (iPads, iPhones) through 3rd-party
integration as well as Topaz signature capture devices.

Organize Your Documents

Pre-sort documents using designated criteria, making
them easier to review and distribute.

Implement Data-Driven Modifications

Conditionally modify objects, images, layouts, and distribution based on spool file data.

Formtastic in Action

Modernize and automatically distribute IBM i-generated documents with Formtastic

A look at Formtastic

Extract spooled data from your IBM i

Formtastic Pricing - Flexible and Affordable Option for Businesses of All Sizes

Modernizing your printed forms, checks, labels and barcodes is quick to implement while having an immediate impact on your bottom line. Not only will you improve customer service with branded documents and electronic delivery, you will also reduce IT's reporting burden, extend the life of your IBM i systems and eliminate printing & postage costs.

Ditch expensive upfront costs & adopt a flexible approach to modernizing your IBM i document workflow with Formtastic.

Subscription License

Get full access to Formtastic to reduce printing costs, improve service and increase efficiency today.

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$800 per month
billed annually / per LPAR
  • Unlimited Designers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Technical Support and access to knowledge base and customer portal
  • 2 hours of training/onboarding


$1,000 USD
(billed annually / per LPAR)

Simplify annual tax document preparation with our optional Tax Forms Pack add-on - a comprehensive suite of digital tax documents that streamlines the process of mapping your tax return data from IBM i files directly onto standard IRS forms, including 1099, W2, W3, and 1096.

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Development And
Modernization Services

$1,800 USD

Kickstart your spool file modernization project with our exclusive professional services bundle! You'll receive 8 hours of professional services to help get your forms, checks or labels transformed into amazing looking modern documents. Our experts will help you move your project forward quickly.

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Peruvian Connection Reduces Costs, Improves Operational Efficiency and Eliminates Expensive Hardware with Formtastic

“Formtastic has allowed us to make qualitative improvements to just about every piece of correspondence that we send to customers or vendors. When I’m asked about changing our forms, I always say that I’m sure we can do that.”

– Diane Toby, Chief Operating Officer
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