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Maintain, Enhance and Transform Your Applications To Meet Evolving Business Needs and Lower Costs

Drive Your CA 2E Applications Forward

For decades, thousands of organizations have depended on CA 2E (Synon) for rapid application development on IBM i. Its ease-of-use, stability and robust design model have provided a reliable client experience and strong return on investment. As the pace of technological innovation accelerates, however, and pressures such as the current work-from-home movement make digital transformation and greater agility a necessity, there is a pressing need to modernize CA 2E environments.
Fresche is helping clients innovate and maximize their IBM i investment with a wide range of solutions including IT strategy, application analysis and documentation, UI modernization, application transformation and application services.

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Reasons to Innovate

Access to Data

Provide a wide range of employees with easy, self-serve access to real-time reports and other critical business information.

Improve Agility

It’s far easier to respond to evolving business needs and make major, pandemic-related adjustments when you have a modernized application portfolio.

Better Maintainability

Improving the quality and readability of your code can boost efficiency when updating and maintaining your applications.

Reduce Costs

Costs are lower when you can choose from widely-available resources, adopt a smaller, open-source technological footprint and reduce license fees.

Analysis & Documentation

Automatically generated application documentation helps new hires quickly grasp application functionality and flow.

Address Skill Shortages

Fresche can convert CA 2E applications to modern languages or generate intuitive, graphical application interfaces that are in line with modern skill sets.


Modernizing older code and replacing unsupported technologies makes it easier to reduce liability and pass government and client audits.

Modern UI and Innovation

Leverage your CA 2E applications with graphical interfaces that take advantage of modern technologies (web, mobile, open source) and integrate with other systems.

Unlocking the Value of Your CA 2E Applications

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How We’re Helping Clients

Assessment, Strategy & Roadmapping

Which initiatives will drive maximum business value from CA 2E? The future begins with a thorough assessment.
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How We’re Helping Clients

Fresche’s X-2E Analysis powers forensic analysis to provide fact-based decision making on application management.
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Application Conversion

An automated approach to converting CA 2E environments to modern languages boosts agility and offers minimal disruption to the business.
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User Interface Modernization

Fresche uses proven solutions to quickly generate attractive, easy-to-navigate GUI apps from existing code.
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Application Support/Staff Augmentation

Fresche resources help your IT department with CA 2E support activities and initial modernization steps.
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Unlocking the Value of Your CA 2E Applications

A variety of solutions can unlock the full value of CA 2E applications and help protect your investment so that the applications continue to actively support your business for years to come.

CA 2E (Synon) to Java Code Conversion

Converting your CA 2E applications to Java enables you to modernize valuable code to take advantage of new opportunities. By transforming from CA 2E to Java, you’ll be able to respond to current and future business needs faster and grow your business.