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Digital Innovation for IBM i

There are numerous pain points around current applications on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i). Mainly, legacy applications, aging infrastructure for those that aren’t using IBM’s latest, and an overall lack of agility.

There are countless systems designed for order processing, invoicing, inventory, dispatch, and tons more. All of which are vital to how an enterprise functions and carries out business.

Over time however, these systems have become monolithic and overly complex to manage. More importantly, these systems force users through lengthy processes, aren’t intuitive and prevent the business from reacting quickly to disruptive situations. Sometimes, business isn’t able to react at all.

The reality is that these mission-critical applications are key to your organization, containing all of your business rules and data. Modernizing them is a cost-effective, low-risk way to take advantage of modern, open technologies while enabling your business to grow in this digital era.

The Digital Transformation Journey

New opportunity, digital disruption, an aging workforce, obsolete technologies and dealing with the pace of change are just a few of the catalysts driving the need for IT innovation.

Today’s organizations need to be agile – in business and tech. We are accelerating new levels of growth with smart tools that automate code transformation, improve developer productivity and speed up time to market. Our low-risk, phased approach enables new ability to digitally innovate, improve operational processes and better position our clients for the future.

Transformation Drivers

Transformation drivers

Numerous challenges drive transformation as organizations attempt to evolve to support the business: an aging IT workforce, lack of modern skills, older systems, valuable information locked away in databases, dealing with digital disruption, and more. But companies also sense that with challenges come opportunities, which are also drivers. Every company needs to modernize its IT; with careful planning, you can do more than just maintain the status quo.

Transformation drivers include:

  • Aging Workforce
  • Legacy Systems
  • Access to data
  • Ability to quickly adapt or change
  • Staffing, language skills
  • Dealing with digital disruption
  • Streamlined workflows & operation efficiency


A well-thought out digital transformation plan takes advantage of new technology, renews your IT and gradually modernizes your systems. Simple projects such as green screen modernization transforms your business applications and makes them accessible to a wider audience. Larger projects, such as language conversion, ultimately pay dividends in a cheaper resource pool, easier integration and much greater business agility.

The Technologies include:

  • Automated language conversion
  • Database modernization
  • Automated application documentation
  • Green screen modernization
  • Web application development
  • Forms development and distribution
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Staffing and Application Services
  • Cloud, AI, RPA
  • IOT, Blockchain


The end result of a digital transformation program is a greater competitive advantage through better agility, a capacity to meet evolving demands, and much lower total cost. In fact, digital transformation is accelerating as companies begin to realize the cost advantages of moving to a an Operating Expense model versus Capital Expenses. Cloud, SaaS, application service providers and more offer a scalable, highly reliable, always up-to-date, lower-cost IT model.

The Results include:

  • Agile systems
  • Modern languages
  • Open technologies
  • Readily available skills
  • Data driven results
  • Competitive advantage
  • Quick ability to innovate

Flexible Modernization Approach

There are many strategies that can be used to help you modernize and digitally transform IT. Finding the right approach that is best for your business is often driven by goals, capabilities, budget and urgency.

Each client’s journey is unique – and for very good reasons
Industry disruption, competitive advantage, new offerings that need to get to market quickly and capabilities that help retain existing market share are just some of motivators behind modernization and digital innovation. The technology and legacy footprint that exists from client to client can often vary significantly. When you add in budgets, drivers, goals and capabilities, customizing and developing a digital roadmap uniquely tailored to each customer is how we help our clients ensure success for their digital journey.

Funding IBM i modernization initiatives
Modernization and transformation initiatives should align with a business strategy and have a clear time to value. For innovations to succeed they need to be supported by all groups within the organization. Having this alignment means everyone agrees in the priority, importance, and investment necessary to make it happen.

Fresche transformation models take into account company budgets and our team has the experience to help you choose an OpEx/CapEx model that reduces initial costs, involves quick wins, reduces large capital expenditures and above all, maximizes in-house, outsourcer and service provider expertise. Every company and modernization path is unique, requiring the right combination of IT, company buy-in and cost control to succeed.

CapEx or OpEx?

There’s a place for both CapEx and OpEx in digital transformation. Fresche has the experience to help companies choose an OpEx/CapEx model that reduces initial costs, involves quick wins, reduces large capital expenditures and above all, maximizes in-house, outsourcer and service provider expertise. There may be many factors – the size of the business, your organization’s tax structure, availability of skilled resources in your area, the need for agility – that can sway the mix of funding models.

Smart Modernization — The Path to Digital Transformation

Business transformation is driven by a necessity to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Organizations must execute their transformation at a pace that maximizes the probability of success and survival.

Not every company has (or needs) a large research and development budget, but most can modernize by taking advantage of new technologies to absorb change, adapt their workforce and transform core business processes.

As a leader in application modernization of midrange servers for more than twenty years, Fresche is committed to perfecting the modernization journey to improve the business and technological transformation success rate.

Fresche has an incremental approach that involves quick wins to build confidence in the program (quick update to graphical interfaces, for example), and the experience and flexibility to fit any modernization or transformation need. As a modernization specialist for over 20 years, we also have a solution set and partner ecosystem that will leverage your existing environment while modernizing it to better support your business.
In a world where digital transformation projects often take twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated, IBM i shops need smart modernization at a smart cost.
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