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Newlook Smartclient

Enjoy IBM i power and performance through a rich client with this smart deployment option

True productivity for IBM i users

The full power of IBM i on a PC desktop

Many organizations like the idea of web applications, due to the perception of deployment and management headaches with a client technology. But there is sometimes a cost in performance and functionality. Newlook Smartclient solves that issue. Smartclient is a rich desktop client that allows your end users to interact with their modernized IBM i applications through a client with no loss of performance. Newlook Smartclient gives your end users the speed, productivity and integration to match the functionality and stability of your existing IBM i applications – all through a powerful, full-featured client.
Newlook Smartclient Diagram

Highly responsive

Newlook Smartclient provides the responsiveness required for administrative users, coupled with a degree of desktop integration that goes far beyond the capabilities of an HTML client, allowing sharing with mail clients, spreadsheets, etc.

Ultimate emulator replacement

With strong keyboard compatibility, the power to have multiple sessions talk to each other and tight desktop integration, Newlook Smartclient is the best option for emulator replacement with business users.

No extra load

Smartclient requires no extra server software or hardware — IBM i or other — in your IT infrastructure, reducing the cost of modernization. Smartclient uses the power of your PC interface to render the pages, placing no extra strain on your IBM i.


Newlook Smartclient gives you direct access to the IBM i data stream, which results in emulator-like speed that browser-only applications simply cannot match.


Using the PC to handle load, Newlook Smartclient adds zero CPW load to the IBM i, which means infinite scaling for your existing user communities without the extra hardware or changes to application architectures.


Newlook Smartclient can be tightly integrated to desktop, enterprise and web applications, letting you experience genuine improvements in productivity.

Newlook Smartclient key technical features:

Improve productivity

Deploy a single solution that meets the need of users who wish to stay with 5250, with the help of a full-featured emulator. Get virtually unchanged session speed with all of the workflow and advantages of a modern graphical application.

Meet all user needs

Maintain your current number of sessions with no extra hardware, or any degradation of end user speed. Newlook Smartclient has been used by over 19,000 concurrent users from one IBM i machine.

Seamlessly align interfaces

Align your IBM i line-of-business applications with desktop, Web and mobile in a seamless manner, where users are not aware of the platform, just the information and insight provided by systems.

Convert 5250 apps to GUI

Reface, integrate and extend existing RPG, COBOL, CL, LANSA, SYNON or any 4GL that produces a 5250 datastream. With RPG Open Access, GUI-enable existing screens and enhance them without having to make changes at the screen level.

Create new GUI apps

Use Open Display Files to create screens without the limitations of 24x80, in a true graphical design tool. Add application support for Open Access when you need it so users can switch between 5250 and open access screens without any effort on your behalf.

Support multichannel deployments

Build once and deliver to power users and occasional users with no extra effort. Unique features not possible in browsers, such as tight desktop integration, can be easily conditioned to allow one solution to work across smart and thin client devices with no reduction in functionality.

Newlook Smartclient provides all of the following, and much more:

  • Tight desktop and enterprise integration provide users with a seamless interface across systems.
  • Refacing, integration and extension of existing RPG, COBOL, CL, LANSA, SYNON or any 4GL that produces a 5250 datastream.
  • Full featured emulator included, providing a single solution that meets the needs of users who wish to stay with 5250.
  • Emulator-like performance for productivity and speed of data entry; scalability using the power of the PC.
  • Full support for the 5250, 3270 and RPG Open Access.
  • Seamless bi-directional switching between 5250 and Open Access.